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When I interface with the world, I see the world around me as both a Poet and a Scientist would. I see connections, an elaborate dance of independent yet inter-working parts.


When working with lichens and fungi, I like to think about this quote from Robin Wall Kimmerer's "Gathering Moss":

At the scale of a moss, walking through the woods as a six-foot human is a lot like flying over the continent at 32,000 feet. So far above the ground, and on our way to somewhere else, we run the risk of missing an entire realm which lies at our feet. Every day we pass over them without seeing. Mosses and other small beings issue an invitation to dwell for a time right at the limits of ordinary perception. All it requires of us is attentiveness. Look in a certain way and a whole new world can be revealed.

I am very excited to have found a local patch of Multiclavula. (photo credit: Matt Chansler)

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