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I LOVE sharing my knowledge and passion for fungi and symbioses with the world!

Please enjoy exploring the links and videos on this page


Check out my Lichen Mini-Workshop as part of the Jepson Workshop Series!

I have had the tremendous pleasure to be interviewed for the Joyful Microbe Podcast!

Also, I Danced my PhD!!

Videos from an Organization for Tropical Studies graduate ecology course in Costa Rica:

Science is Hard

The Mud Behind the Science

Introductory Video for Planting Science classrooms


Some presentations I have given at scientific meetings

Botany 2017

Big Cypress Research Symposium 2012


Lichen Buddies

During my dissertation, I invented Lichen Buddies as a way to engage the public [particularly children] in learning about lichens. These are felt and pipecleaner representations of actual lichen species. Activities with Lichen Buddies include "collecting" them from the field, keying them out, or making your own. And yes, while the googly eyes are not biologically accurate, they do make the Lichen Buddies more relatable.

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